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  • Not connecting

    By Mom4dukes
    Every time there an update on iOS the game goes to hell. Plz fix
  • Awesome

    By pep mom
    Love playing with new people
  • is this thing on?

    By lost in insta
    where are the updates? my game (ipad) has been glitchy for weeks if not months. i keep checking for updates but apparently it’s been a year or more since they bothered with those? i assume they’re still taking players’ money, though. disappointing.
  • Rigged

    By disgruntled gin rummy fan
    This game is completely rigged! For 10 games in a row now my opponent has gotten multiple melds on the first draw and then wins. This app needs to fix its automation.
  • Good app

    By Miss Akeada
    My issue is I never receive my daily or hourly coins. I’ve kinda been overlooking it because I have bunches & because I’ve had to complain several times just to get the coins. I also get an error message a lot when my connection is great but I really enjoy the app.
  • People need to stop being a-holes

    By Budgiemommy
    The game is pretty good. I have noticed a lot more robot players, but the human players are vulgar. They use the Boom emojis, or other emojis (basically showboating) constantly throughout the game or they would shift their cards up and down or go through their hand numerous times before putting a card down. It’s annoying and I know they do it because they think that their opponent will either get distracted or leave out of frustration, giving the showboater an easy default win. That is cheating folks IMO. This is supposed to be a fun game, but these people are fraking annoying. I wish there was a function where you can choose to play only robots, they’re better than people.
  • Too expensive

    By Janjan31
    Love the game but can’t afford what they are asking
  • Gem fails

    By Rigspg7
    I love this game but am consistently not being awarded the gems that I’ve won. I’d give 5 stars but I’m so annoyed. Fix the issues please!
  • Used to be good.

    By McCord_t
    Used to be a great card it’s rigged. You will either win a ton all in a row or lose double that all in row. It’s awful. This used to be my favorite game and today I am deleting it.
  • Disappointed

    By Hobbiesforfree
    I used to love this game when I could play and win just enough hands to keep playing, but that’s no longer the case. It’s so frustrating to lose hand after hand without having any chance to win given the cards being dealt.